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Rosé – The Wine of the Summer!

After enjoying full-bodied red wines during the cool weather months when they are naturally paired with hearty comfort foods, the arrival of summer and it’s hopefully warmer temperatures stirs us to transition to lighter fare and lighter wines. After all, we dress seasonally, eat seasonally and, although it’s less talked about, we drink seasonally, too. […]

Winemaking regions of France

France is synonymous with top class, quality wines and can call their wine making techniques among the finest, quality driven techniques in the world. Whilst even the most novice of wine drinkers will recognise the likes of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne through their long winemaking traditions, wines are commercially produced in every region of France […]

Pinot Noir – The most romantic wine Soft, smooth, silky, seductive. These are the words used to describe a wonderful Pino Noir. Without doubt it is the most romantic of wines. The aroma, the beautiful light taste, the sensation. There is no more romantic wine. Valentine’s Day is next week so let’s take a look […]

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