La Kav Wines in the Irish Farmers Journal!

La Kav Wines is very proud to say that we’ve been featured in the Irish Farmers Journal for our Gorey-grown wine!

We are chuffed to share this article, which was recently published in the food magazine in the Irish Farmers Journal.

Since the beginning of this slightly daring experience, we have overcome a number of hardships: growing grapes in Ireland is no joke! However, we’re determined to persist, and each day we feel we are getting closer to achieving our goal of producing a truly great Irish wine.

The La Kav Wines story

The best way to move forward is surrounding yourself with a strong team. La Kav founder Arnaud Clopin and his wife Aine Clopin are a strong example of the French-Irish association, each bringing a unique perspective to the table and sharing knowledge with some of France’s top wine experts. Thanks to our Irish friends and our French partners, we see our journey progressing day by day.

Test, then build

The success of wine production in Ireland will measured through rigorous testing. We are testing different grape varieties to see which has the potential to live (and thrive) in the Irish climate and soil. We strive to have a perfect balance between quality and quantity. As we approach the end of the first year since planting our vines, we have them well pruned, and steel wiring is in place in preparation for creeping stems. It is delight to watch them expand over the summer months. 

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