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Made with love in France. Delivered by our friends in Ireland.​

La Kav Wines is an Irish-French wine company based in Gorey, County Wexford. We specialise in selling a unique portfolio of beautiful French wines to our wonderful customers in Ireland through our secure online wine shop. Our links to France and our community of winemakers make us different a unique connection to the people who craft these wines of joy and stories! All our wines are lovingly selected to showcase the best of what France has to offer; we’re here to bring you exceptional quality at great value pricing. With our nationwide delivery service, you can enjoy our wines from the comfort of your home.

Good wine, family and friends: our field of dreams!

About La Kav Wines: Who we are

The founding partners of La Kav Wines are the husband-and-wife team of Arnaud Clopin and Aine Clopin-Kavanagh in Ireland, and Philippe Guillaumond and his wife Sandrine in France. The name ‘La Kav Wines’ honours our company’s unique Irish-French connection, combining the French art of winemaking with the home we have found in Ireland. It is a play on the French word la cave, meaning ‘wine cellar’, and the great Irish family name of Kavanagh into which Arnaud serendipitously married… and so began the inspiration for La Kav Wines!

Today, we import the best quality French wines into Ireland, selling them through our online shop and delivering straight to your door for your convenience. We’re very proud of our French wine portfolio… but we have another passion project underway, too! We have planted our own vines right here in the sunny south-east, and will be bottling our own Irish white wine later in 2023. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with this challenging labour of love!

The Wexford Winemaker

The story of La Kav Wines is one of ambition, passion, integrity and the love between family members and friends. How did it begin? Probably on a napkin after a few too many bottles of wine!

Growing wine in Ireland is ambitious. The climate and soil pose real challenges but impossible is not a word we recognise. Producing Irish wine is a challenge we dedicate to our dear friend Jean Christophe Genevrier, who died of a brain haemorrhage when he was just 24 years old.

When we were young, we felt like the kids in the movie Dead Poets Society. We all ended up in the food and wine industry. Our motto was ‘carpe diem’: enjoy yourself while you have the chance.

Our plans for an Irish vineyard began to take root when Arnaud bought half an acre of land from his brother-in-law Jack Kavanagh and organised a soil analysis. We have since nicknamed this field ‘The Dead Poets Society’ a place where everything could go wrong. Here, we shared tears of joy when our first buds appeared, and tears of disappointment seeing three-year-old vines die in front of us. Our second field is called the ‘Field of Dreams’, because it’s here we perfected the process and planted half an acre in 2019… although we’ve still had some surprises!

Today, we have over 4,500 beautiful vines, 600 of which were planted in The Dead Poets Society in 2017. Over 4,000 vines were planted in our “Field of Dreams” in 2020.

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About La Kav Wines: Our values

Wine is all about family and friendship  and so is La Kav Wines.

Sharing is important because the hardship of producing wine is extremely high. You plant vines not for yourself, but for the next generation. At La Kav Wines, we are driven by dedication, family and friendship. We take huge pride in our quest to grow our own wine, to leave a wonderful legacy for our family and produce an Irish wine that makes our whole community proud.

At La Kav Wines, we believe in offering our customers that little something extra, bringing a personal touch to the retail experience from our family to your table. We represent a community of passionate winemakers and we want you to feel the love, care and attention that we put into every bottle.

When you buy from La Kav Wines, you join a community of wine lovers, full of life, love and great moments with family and friends!

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