Pinot Noir – The most romantic wine

Soft, smooth, silky, seductive. These are the words used to describe a wonderful Pino Noir. Without doubt it is the most romantic of wines. The aroma, the beautiful light taste, the sensation. There is no more romantic wine. Valentine’s Day is next week so let’s take a look at Pinot Noir – the wine of lovers!

If you are thinking of having a cosy night in with your love or enjoying a celebration with a friend, the pinot noir is the ideal companion. The younger grapes are light and sensational without over burdening a meal. They complement food, the ambiance and the mood. It is a sensual wine with a delicate special taste.

Let’s have a closer look at Pinot Noir:

A wonderful grape that has been around for many centuries, it even pre-dates the Cabernet Sauvignon. It was cultivated by Cistercian Monks in Burgundy. The Pinot Noir is almost worshipped by wine enthusiasts around the world due to the consistent quality of the grape and wine it produces. Burgundy the biggest area of France for Pinot Noir, particularly in Côte-d’Or but it has been accepted in other parts of the world as a wonderful Wine that is delicious, fabulous wine, year after year. 

The grape itself is difficult grape to grow but works well in cooler climates. The grapes it produces are tightly pack which can create problems for rot if not maintained well. The thin skins allow a mostly light coloured medium bodied and low-tannin wine. When young, wines made from Pinot noir tend to have red fruit aromas of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries. As the wine ages pinot has the potential to develop more savoury aromas that can contribute to the difficulty of the wine. But done right, it can excite and delight. It is a well finessed wine and as such is a wine collected by enthusiasts. Due to its difficulty to grow, it usually means the price is higher but this also means you get the very best wine.

Pinot Noir is one of the world’s favourite red wines. It is a dry, light to medium bodied wine with light acidity, silky tannins and usually an alcohol range of 12-15%. The taste can vary depending on producer but overall a cooler climate produces a lighter wine while a warmer climate will produce a more full bodied wine.

Pinot Noir is best served at room temperature with the lighter wines perfect at a cooler climate. It can last for about 3 days after being opened but will oxidise after that.

What to serve it with?

There is no doubt the lighter wines work so well with meats like beef, duck or lamb. Indeed it will work well with white meats like turkey and chicken as well as salmon. Keep flavours light so that the food doesn’t compete and the wine is not overpowered. Rather a harmony of delicate taste works well. 

We have a super range of Pinot Noirs:

Firstly our fantastic Valentines Collection – La Romance.

A collection of wines including a Pinot Noir which is one direct way to the heart of your loved one…

Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Domaine Joillot 2018

This Bourgogne is a perfect introduction to the Pinot Noir grape variety. Relaxed to drink, you can smell the crunchiness, the red fruit, a balance on the acidity that makes it very refreshing. 

Mercurey “Buissonnier” 2018

This exciting wine offers beautiful aromas of small red fruits supported by a firm but elegant tannic structure, which will soften with aging.

Nuits Saint-Georges, Domaine Remoriquet 2018

Fine Pinot Noir with strong colour, expressing its class and sophistication with fruity and floral notes.

Pommard, Domaine Joillot 2017

Mister Joillot’s Pommard strikes a balance on acidity in its first years, then it becomes rounded over time. Classic and sophisticated, we think it’s best aged 4-5 years.


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